Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Bad at Blogging.

So obviously I'm really bad at blogging. Not only do I not bother to post anything on the blog, but I'm also not very funny. Ironically, there are a number of blogs I read every single day. Religiously. On most of them I'm a creeper too. I rarely comment, so the bloggers don't even know I'm there. (I think that's bad blogging etiquette too...) Oops. And I totally aspire to be just like them. Maybe someday I'll fill you in on my secret bloggy crushes. Until then, I'm going to keep giving this a try...hopefully more consistently.

In other news, my love life is still a disaster. It got even worse tonight. Not worth talking about because it should calm down the end of August. After that, I may swear off men for 6 months or so.

Work has been interesting. Had a hearing this week with a client who is stereotypically New York Italian. He was fun to work with. We finished the hearing and the conversation went something like this:

Client: I didn't think you had it in you.
HHLM: Didn't have what in me?
Client: I didn't think you could pull it off.
HHLM: Pull what off?
Client: Your just so young, and pretty, and sweet.
HHLM: Um....
Client: But in there you were a BITCH, a REAL BITCH!
HHLM: Um...thanks.

There you go internets...On the outside I'm pretty and sweet, but inside, I'm a real bitch. ;)