Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now to the Real Stuff.

Now, since the obligatory "first post" is done...I can actually say what's on my mind. Eventually, I have no doubts you will notice a pattern of at least two things (1) my love of commas and (2) one of three things are always on my mind; work, volleyball, boys (and not necessarily in that order). Tonight its boys, one boy in particular. I believe he is the love of my life and -- thanks to horrible timing -- I can't be with him (that's another story for another day). [here the "low morals" make an appearence] Suffice it to say right now our "relationship" is tenuous, explosive, and a huge rollercoaster. We fought tonight and I hit him exactly where I knew it would hurt. And it did, enough that he's ready to pack it in and say enough is enough. Maybe I'm testing him... Let's see how far I can push him before he disappoints and eventually walks away. Call me jaded, call me cynical, call me a bitch, but they always disappoint and/or they always walk away. Expect it and know that you are just fine by yourself. It may not be as fun...but you can only count on yourself in the end anyway.

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